Our Story

Hi, I'm Trish! Way back in the fall of 2001, on a small property not far from our current location, I planted my very first tulip bulbs in great expectation of the following spring. I really wasn’t sure if this flower business idea was going to fly but I was so excited to give it a try! Besides, I told my husband, “If I don’t sell the flowers I’ll just enjoy them myself!”


Various young brides started to ask if I would do their weddings. With much fear and excitement, I did what I could and learned along the way. I knew I needed some more guidance, so I started taking classes and in 2013 I graduated from Longwood Gardens with a Certificate of Merit in Floral Design. Now I had some additional confidence to do larger scale projects.

We had been doing all of our weddings out of a small space we had on our original property. We moved to our current location in 2015 and suddenly we had space to breathe! We started hosting classes in our “new” barn which quickly became one of my very favorite things!

The Farm Today

On our new property I have a lot more room to grow our crops and now we have an acre in flowers! Our specialty is locally grown flowers and a lot of our brides just love that idea. Also, our students in our classes get the experience of cutting their own flowers from our gardens for their designs. I love seeing people set free in the garden!

Now, Flourish has multiple team members and I am constantly aware that I would be lost without them! We make a great team - some work on the flower farm side of things, others in floral design and others in the office and computer tasks. I try to keep everything running and I have no shortage of ideas and vision for the future of Flourish! It’s hard to believe it all started in a little garden with about 50 tulip bulbs!

Thanks to all who believe in what we’re doing. We love spreading the beauty around!

-Trish Snyder

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